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The sins of the father, and the mother.

Today there came in to my possession certain letters of interest. Letters written by my mother to my father pertaining to their failing matrimony. In addition, several pages written by my father to my mother in response, citing his ruminations on the matter, and with which were found photocopies of secret diaries written by my mother, regarding her romantic infatuation with another man.

Some months ago I happend upon a locked combination briefcase belonging to my father. It didnít take long to unlock it. Two locks each with a three digit combination, totally one thousand possible variations. Checking one combination per second it took less than six minutes to unlock both sides. Inside I found letters, and cards, sent between my father and a friend. A female friend. Writings shared between them of a of a deeply sexual nature. Written and dated before mother and father finally divorced

It would appear that mother and father are Schrodingers Divorcees. In their own eyes each is not to blame while the other is wholly to blame, while simultaneously each being at least in part to blame.

I wonder what the ramifications would be if each parent were to obtain the secrets of the other? If all were to come to light, and the secrets were spilled, whom then would remain standing tall as the victor of the twelve years that have passed since the divorce?

It has been a long time since I last smoked. And longer yet since my last cut. And yet I long for both in this moment.

~ SilentBoy

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