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Hi Dawn,

I can't see other replies besides yours for some reason, so apologies if this is stuff you already know or has been said.

Restricting often leads to bingeing, so while it's fantastic you haven't binged, are you both eating and drinking enough? Are you taking care of yourself in other ways such as getting enough sleep? All of those can impact both binge and stress urges.

What things help you normally when you are feeling low? If wanting to binge is because of feeling low, do those things help (assuming you've tried them)?

Are there things that typically help you with binge urges specifically? If you typically binge alone in your flat, are there things you can do at home to manage urges? Snuggle with your cats under a blanket until the urge passes or something? Are there specific foods you typically binge on, or is it just whatever's around? If you buy typical binge foods in larger size quantities, you can break them up into individual servings for example. You can also do like you do with self harm tools and keep those foods in hard to get to spaces, so that in itself is a physical barrier.

Sorry for all the questions. I hope the urge continues to lessen in intensity.

Please do not give me virtual hugs unless you are only using the hug function on threads. Thanks.

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