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The crisis team are rubbish

Two people who I've spoken to from the crisis team do not seem to understand my issues at all and don't seem very helpful.

One of them essentially said to me that I have no reason to be depressed as I 'have my whole life planned out'. What kind of rubbish is that? How does he think that is going to help? He just kept on rambling on about how I applied to university, yet I told him that I don't care about university anymore I just want to be happy.

The second person who I spoke to was a bit better, but she just gave me looks of confusion and didn't really give any good advice or help. She made me feel very uncomfortable with how she kept on staring at me and it was like she was trying to hypnotise me or something.

I'm convinced that they are both thinking I am hiding something or am being silly about the way I feel, and are relaying this information to other people.

I really do not think that talking about my problems is even going to help, given my situation which I explained in a previous post. What should I even do about this? I'm not sure how I'm going to get my issues sorted out and I don't see any way out of this all.

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