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They said "Would you give me L's phone number so I could try to talk to them"
I showed you what they said. You said "I mean you can give it to them? Did they say why?"
Then I did.

That definitely does not involve asking me if I am okay with it. It did not seem optional at all. I really am not mad. I just do not understand why you keep saying I somehow could have said no (not that I would have said no) when it was not stated as optional. If either of you had asked if I was okay with it and I said yes that would be different. That never occurred. I am not not okay with it. I just dislike being talked about. I am unsure how to explain the difference.

I emailed them and told them you said to ask about a new therapist human but given they said the 22nd that is what we are going with and I do not want them to kick us out for breaking rules or make them mad.

You can't always keep it separate.
This is happening, this is part of you.

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