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Like I've said, I think it's really important to ask your case manager about when you're meeting with the therapist. They want to support you and I don't think they would mind you asking that - it's better you ask than you miss an appointment.

And yes, your case manager did talk to me, but remember they did ask you first and you asked me if that was okay with me first and then gave them my contact info, so it also was something you agreed to and all of us were aware of. If you remember, I also explained what we talked about which is that they wanted to get an idea of what's going on for you lately, and ideas of what might be useful since they haven't worked with you enough to be able to read between the lines and you can say things kind of cryptically. They spoke to me because they want to make sure that they're understanding you and doing the best they can for you, obviously with the limitations of being a case manager not therapist.

They really want to help, and I think asking them for what you need, whether that's to know when you're meant to meet with the therapist or whether that's needing to sort out additional support before the 22nd, would be a really good idea. They want to help, if you're willing to let them. I know trying new things and meeting new people and trying to trust people is hard, but I truly believe it will be worth the initial discomfort. I think your case manager thinks that too. You just have to be willing to try to work with your case manager and try to work with the new therapist even though it's really hard and you would prefer your last therapist of that were an option. Since it's not, and she's gone, the next step is trying with the new therapist.

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