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- Will you be able to financially support a child if you were to have one this time next year? If not, what do you need to put in place to be able to do this.

- there are potential cheaper alternatives to IVF, such as at home insemination, adoption, etc.

- try not to focus too much on a life plan. I've realised recently that we almost never follow the path we imagine we will. Think, you want 3 Children and can cope, but you're prone to multiples and end up with 5. Or your family situation changes and you have to take on extra responsibilities. Suddenly you are having to make changes to your plan to adapt to the fact the world is chaotic.

- you're 29, you're not too old. The risk associated with 'geriatric pregnancy' isn't huge, and women are now conceiving later - we are living longer and staying healthy longer. It's entirely possible our fertile period is lengthening too!

- I am also going through something similar (except I would be attempting to conceive naturally). I have an opportunity to advance my career, possibly opening up new avenues that would really improve my wages, which would help support a child and be an interesting experience . I am 28 and I am aware I have more time and I need to just go with the flow a little bit more. But I understand the call of nature is hard to ignore, and it's difficult when primal urges start conflicting with modern life.

- if you are continuing to be worried, you could always freeze your eggs in case you need them.

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