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Originally Posted by Epic View Post
People with multiple intolerances/full blown allergies need cake and biscuits, breads, cereals and pastas? Surely the more issues one has, the more likely one is to need to avoid processed food?

I think it is fine to assist those with clinically diagnosed problem(s) to cover the *difference* in cost between standard staples and free-from staples. If we were not funding non-essential food at incredibly over-inflated prices to people with self-reported intolerances, we might be able to do considerably more for those who truly need food.
So bread, pasta and cereal are not staple foods?

And as far as I am aware you have to have gluten intolerance confirmed by a medical professional for the prescription, so you can't just go in and ask for it on prescription.

I myself have many doctor confirmed intolerances and if I didn't have access to what you call processed foods (GF pasta is actually just rice, last time I checked it wasn't processed) I wouldn't be able to eat at all! Yes I am an extreme case but I won't be the only one.

OP sorry for the hijack.

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