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Originally Posted by Isoverity View Post
If you mean chain store brands like "Wonder Bread" I agree. Other than that there is no "American Bread" like there is American cheese or Swiss cheese etc.
Sorry, should have said "mass market bread that is sold in American supermarkets/grocery stores". It seems to be sweet, which is odd for bread.

I don't imagine they are unique to the UK, but we have cakes that look like bread rolls with icing on. But the roll is sweet. That's what American bread is like to me. It's just nasty.

Originally Posted by Epic View Post
Well, seems to me that many people in the UK eat what is called "sliced pan" -some brands are better than others, but it is all pretty vile. The US equivalents seem even lower grade again.
At least they aren't sweet! I can be quite partial to a "plain" bread, but I think that's a Scottish thing. Gotta like a bit of Mothers Pride plain bread.

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