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I have "funny" gluten/RYL story.

A few years back I started using wheat bran in breakfast cereals. Within a few weeks I developed a bunch of odd health problems.

At the same time, I was found to have bad mole on my back - confirmed melanoma. My doctor wanted me to have my groin lymph nodes taken out since they felt painful and swollen. She thought the cancer might have spread.

Then I saw an RYL thread about gluten and realized my symptoms sounded the same. I went off the wheat and gluten and began to get better within days. I went back to my skin doc and said I was going to skip the node surgery because I felt the problems where gluten related. She got upset and was almost crying ("I do not lose patients!"). Then I returned three weeks latter and the nodes were better. My doctor called me a few times the rest of the year to make sure I was still kicking lol.

*rubs intact groin nodes*

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