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Sorry you had such an uncomfortable experience. Do you think there's a possibility that he momentarily forgot that you were gay when he made that comment? I think that in your situation I might be tempted to speak to him, to let him know that you find what he said quite discriminatory and how it made you feel like you weren't entitled to the same rights as other people. Obviously you need to be the judge of whether that's a good idea or not, I just think that if he's a decent guy he'll understand where you're coming from and take on board the feedback that it was uncomfortable for him to share his opinion in that way. And hopefully make him think about his beliefs and how they impact on others.

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Out of respect for the choice he made to believe. I didn't chose to be gay.
I do just want to say that I don't think belief in God is entirely a choice. If it was then I would have become a Christian a long time ago because I would really like to be, I just cannot make myself believe something that I don't. I appreciate though that the actual practice of a religion is a choice, and believing that a particular religious group has the right idea about God is perhaps more of a choice than sexuality, which of course is not a choice at all. I hope that makes sense and that I haven't misinterpreted what you are saying and therefore rambled for no reason!

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