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Originally Posted by LittleWolf View Post
Norse runes ^_^

Sorry, couldn't help but nerd over that lol. Not often I get to see people writing with runes. I'm gonna have fun translating ;) unless it's not meant to be translated? Just realized I should probably ask first x)
Hey there. :) I'm glad you like the runes, but if it's okay I'd feel more comfortable if you didn't trouble yourself trying to translate. 1) The runes themselves aren't really written "right" I have no training, 2) The words are, at times, possibly too triggering or rude for this site. I don't really recall what all I've written, but it's better cautious than sorry, and 3)... it's just kinda personal and embarrassing. :/

Thanks for asking though. :) Y'all have been sweet with these comments. I'll get up some photos ASAP. I've been lazy in scanning/photographing any and getting them online.

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