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That said, I know sometimes when I have thoughts about similar things, I have to try to look at the bigger picture. I know that trying to figure it out myself would be really unsafe. Because often, it would lead to far bigger issues, far bigger complications, and potentially put you in a place where you do not get any say in the type of medical attention you would get.

I know it is awful to have to sit with and find ways to not act on it. Is your normal GP someone you trust or can speak with about it? Perhaps you can get an appointment with them? I know even if they are not sure if it is physical or not, there should at least be some types of blood tests they could run to help determine that.

edit to add-
I know our healthcare systems do work differently, but one medical human I see told me once that if a patient comes to them, even if they have known mental health issues, if a patient comes in saying something is a physical complaint, they have to do due diligence and see it through. So that would mean asking questions, running tests, etc. because they have absolutely no ethical reason to not take it seriously. Perhaps if instead of just asking for new blood, maybe you could explain that you have potentially been contaminated or exposed to something, describe your symptoms, and start from there? Sometimes I think when we dive right into what exactly would help, medical professionals tend to be quicker to write it off. Because maybe it's possible that with their knowledge as the experts, they would know another thing that could be done to help with it that would be less invasive than a full on blood transfusion, you know?

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