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Originally Posted by random.swirls View Post
The front page of all the boards that are merging will be done individually once done I will close that board for posting. I am going to block move all the remaining threads so it does mean some threads that are old will be in odd forums but it's the only way I can keep my sanity and 99% of old threads won't be bumped. If you do have an active old thread please PR it this will be the case principally for those in moving forward.
This is the only paragraph I don't understand. Why are we PRing active old threads? Is that just to make sure they go to an appropriate forum and don't just get moved in bulk to the same forum as the rest? But then you said that front page threads would be moved separately anyway so I'm confused!

Thanks for all your work on this Cam!

For future reference, had I made my moving forward thread about counselling after these changes, where do people think it would best be placed (it was essentially just a thread saying "yay I've stopped being a troll and am having counselling")? I was thinking GSA or Mental Health- would positive recovery posts be OK in these boards?

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