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I have a friend I can talk to when things get really tough. Well, at least I could, we're drifting apart a little lately. But one friend is a lot better than none. I am also seeing a psychiatrist that sort of keeps an eye on me and makes sure I don't need to be inpatient. I am sort of meant to be taking medications, but due to severe side effects I don't (not my decision, doctor's). Maybe eventually I will be provided with an alternative.

I am really struggling right now. I developed joint issues that make it unbearably painful for me to walk, and using the bus is even worse than walking if I have to stand and people are pushing past me. I can't afford taking a cab every time I need to leave the house. My doctor suggests using a walker, but buying the right walker would put me in debt, and I wouldn't be able to use it at work anyway. I wish I knew how to deal with pain.

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