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Did I miss out on high school?

I am an 18-year-old, turning 19 in August. My parents would never enroll me in high school, and this is the first year Iíll be old enough to enroll myself.

Here it is legal to attend high school until the age of 21, and I have the opportunity to jump right to senior year if I pass a few tests Iím pretty comfortable with taking.

Iíll have the opportunity to take AP and IB classes, as well as join clubs and make friends which I have missed out on for so long. I hate to sound ďwhineyĒ, but Iíve been really depressed for a while. Everyone told me how great being a teenager was going to be, and itís sucked for a number of reasons I wonít go into completely in this post. I have no friends, though most people donít believe that, and it gets really lonely at home. I know of one other boy at the school that, in his senior year, will turn 19 in late January, but Iíll still be several months older than him. Am I too old for school?

I know the GED is an option, but I know some relatives that took that path and didnít have any luck with it, and Iím looking to study physics, and a GED doesnít get you into any of the colleges or universities with good physics programs.

They have plenty of kids with IB degrees, AP tests, real diplomas, etc. And, with the GED, Iíll miss out on an opportunity to make some of the high school memories I had looked forward too and missed out on (clubs, prom, etc.).

I should be graduating this year, though. Am I too old? Do you think people will look down on me? Can I make up for some of what I missed? What would you do? Thanks in advance I really, truly appreciate your advice.

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