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Originally Posted by madslash View Post
Hi people,

The preaching of Christ was a fantastic idea. But as soon as it became a chuch and an institution with an almost aggressive obsession with convincing people of its version of the "truth" it caused so much harm and pain.

What was wrong with just applying the principles?

Am I really to believe that a fair and just Lord will cast a good, kind and charitable man straight to hell simply because he reads from the wrong book???

I have followed the principles that are the foundations of "Christian" life, and I believe they have made me into a good person. But I believe self harm is not a sin, I do not believe that people who commit suicide go to hell.

YES. Jesus is THE way THE truth, and THE life.. NO ONE comes to the father EXCEPT THROUGH HIM. [john 14:6]

Without a relationship with christ, the principles are meaningless. A man could essentially follow all of the "laws" in the Bible and still go to hell... As Christians we are not under the law, but under grace.

SI free solely by the grace of God!
August 2, 2007

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