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Originally Posted by xxhappydaysxx View Post
hey, im really nervous bout posting here.
i got really quite into church and being a christian a couple of years ago. This last few months though, i have totally drifted from God and am doubting whether he exists. i wish i could still feel the way i did the end of last year it was an awesome feeling.
i feel since people said they were praying for me, i felt worse. and ive had a couple of bad church experiences which has put me off and been told things by friends like its the devil making me like this which totally scared me. also been let down by some people who are christians.
i think this thread is good, i liked reading thru. just wish i had some faith still. :(
Sian xxx
It's okay and normal that you don't FEEL close to God. Emotions are fleeting and not to be trusted! Paul said [romans 8:38,39] "Not height, no depth, nothing you have ever created, nothing I could ever do, not even death can seperate me from your love"

Yes, it would be easier if we could always feel His love, but no one ever said it would be easy... I promise you though, it will be worth it in the end! God is faithful, and keeps his promises! and he has promised good things for those who love him! [romans 8:28]

I encourage you to read Romans 8 and meditate on it! Focus on 18-30.

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