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Rule Changes for the Eating Issues Support Forum

After long discussion with the members, staff, moderators, and Harley, we've decided to implement some new policies, to try to keep RYL, and the ED board, as recovery-orientated as possible, and to make the most of the wonderful resource we've got here.

Remember these rules apply to every forum, journal, chat and private messages.


The guidelines are:

1. There is a complete BAN on all numbers.
No numbers that refer to eating disordered behaviour or body size/shape will be allowed. This includes BMI, Weight, Calories, as well as numbers such as amount of purges, binges, laxatives taken, or days fasted.

The number aspect is only a small part of what an eating disorder is, and to move the board into a more positive spectrum of the disorder, we want to take the emphasis off numbers, and on to emotion.

Whilst numbers are no longer allowed, word categories are.
For example:
* "my weight is alot less than what is "average" for my height""
* "my BMI is in the emaciated range"
* "I ate heaps more than what is recommened for a daily requirement for someone my age, sex, and height"
* "I purged several times today"
* "i took a lot more laxatives than what it says on the box/container" "

2. Any Pro/borderline/questionable avatars will be removed.
This includes avatars that contain: body shots, 'thinspirational' images, images that emphasize a person's thin physique, and well-known 'thinspirational' celebrities.
We have already been working on this, but will from now be taking a tougher approach, and will be penalising people who repeatedly break this rule.

3. Food lists are now completely banned.
Any list of food you have eaten, or are planning to eat, is NOT to be posted. This includes discussing any plans to go on a strict diet, or details of binges. This will apply to ALL forums, including the ED board, the ranting and Venting forum and RYL Journals.

The ONLY exemption to this rule is posting a meal plan set by your doctor or a qualified health professional e.g. a dietician. or posting a one-off positive announcement of foods eaten as a celebration of an important recovery-based milestone that has been achieved

4. Trigger labels.
As you will have noticed, in light of these changes, that the BMI/Weights/Numbers trigger label has been removed.
We are subsequently changing the use of these labels.

- *Triggering ED* is to be used when something is mildly triggering, for example 'i really want to purge/binge/starve'.
- *Severely triggering ED* is to be used for more graphic or triggering posts, or more extreme posts at a time of crisis.

There is now a *Positive recovery post* label. These posts are to have NO TRIGGERING CONTENT WHATSOEVER. These are to be used, ideally, when an ED member achieves something on the road to recovery, no matter how big or small. If you are unsure, please use one of the other labels or ask a moderator.

5. The Terms 'Ana' and 'Mia' are now banned.
The terms 'ana' and 'mia' when in reference to the Eating Disorders anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are now banned, due to severe 'pro' connotations. Suggested Alternitives are AN and BN.


Please do remember the Post Report function - to find out more about it, click here. it makes the mods jobs a lot easier, as we are only human and have lives to live as well; RYL is such a huge place, and we are often pulled in many different directions on this website, and therefore its not always possible for the mods to always know every single thing that goes on in each board.


Guys, this isn't going to work unless we all join forces and work together.
After all, we are a community.
I know that we can do this if we try; we're not going to let the board deteriorate. We just want to build it back up to something we can all be proud of.

Please, please PLEASE bear in mind that this does NOT mean if you are not in recovery, you can't post. These rules aren't about forcing people into recovery at all! We just want to make the ED board as safe as possible for those in recovery, as helpful as possible for those who aren't, and to make the most of the fantastic resource we have here.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM any of the moderators

The Moderating Team

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