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I actually already do and track this with a number of routine things. :)

Right now I'm working on washing my hair twice a week and trying to start our bedtime routine by 1am. I like the idea of having some accountability and support though.

Good luck to you!!

I've already successfully started doing my weekly stabbing on the correct day, brushing my teeth twice a day, using mouthwash and flossing daily, shaving three times a week, putting on lotion daily, and using my prescription face cream daily. Washing my hair is still the main thing I struggle with with regards to hygiene aside from clothing, which is next on my list to tackle.

I'm happy to talk more about how I started doing this if anyone would find it helpful.

I've struggled for quite some time with regards to going to bed at a reasonable time, so this one is much harder to tackle for me as well. What are you trying?

For me, I have a lamp in the living room that is set on a timer. It is currently set to turn off at 12:30am. Originally I was supposed to use that as my time to start my bedtime routine and did, but I've gotten far worse about it. I'm not sure if trying to change the timer to go off at 1am would be helpful for me, or if keeping it at 12:30 should serve as a reminder that I need to head to bed soon.

My new laptop has a setting where I can set it to turn itself off at a specific time and I have not used it yet, but I am beginning to think I need to try.

I would love to hear how you get on and if anything you try is helpful. :)

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