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Yeah, when your mood is that low it's going to be tricky to feel motivated about eating disorder recovery! What treatment are they offering with regards to your mood?

If the only reason to recover is not upset other people, it's understandable to feel annoyed at the idea of recovery for someone else's benefit. Maybe your partner could help you work on a slightly more extensive list. I hope that with help you'd be able to find some reasons that are for you as well. I've put my list below, maybe some will give you something to think about. ETA: turns out I did my list the opposite way round, so these are pros of recovery!
- better skin
- better hair
- more energy
- to enjoy food again
- better social life (not avoiding food-based things)
- to not be a hypocrite when advising other people
- not feeling crap, physically and mentally
- to be free

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