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The First Aid Board/Team

Dear all,

For various reasons, mainly due to staffing, we have decided to bring the First Aid board to a close. The board will remain in existence so that old threads may be used to seek advice, but no new threads will be able to be made, and there will not be a First Aid team.

The implications of this will be that RYL cannot be used to seek any kind of medical advice. Questions relating to this should be directed either to your own doctor or to a medical helpline service such as 111. If in doubt, always get it checked out!

The rules that existed on the First Aid board that are still relevant elsewhere (e.g. giving details of wounds) will still stand, though these will eventually be incorporated into the new shiny RYL rules (watch this space!)

We hope to update the wound care guide at some point so that this can be a useful resource for answering wound-related queries.

Thank you to all members who have been part of the First Aid team in the past and those who have posted in First Aid threads with advice.

On behalf of the First Aid Team

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