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The wrong blood is seeping out of the wrong place
The wrong person has been wronged of their own face
The wrong approach is coming from the wrong one
The wrong soul in the wrong body of daughter and son
The wrong pairing of ones in the wrong state of mind
The wrong environment for the wrong one of a kind
The wrong cut punctures all of the wrong veins
The wrong values of some come in the wrong ways
The wrong look is given to those of a wrong state
The wrong feeling inside seals the wrong fate
The wrong person was murdered by the wrong blade
The wrong mind is in the wrong brain
The wrong stage was set for the wrong play
The wrong lead was cast on the wrong day
The wrong crowd gathered to watch the wrong death
The wrong people always follow the wrong myth

The wrong life was given to the wrong one
The right chaos has only just begun.

Stay strong. If you need help someone will come. All you need to do is put yourself out there and meet them <3

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