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I was actually going to suggest an app (even if not RR) lol.

Are you working with a medical doctor or dietician? Is that an option for help with accountability? They can have access to your RR if so, or you could also give your therapist access to view it.

For a while I had to email my therapist meal logs every day. It sucked, but it definitely was accountability.

Things that help me include making meals in bulk and/or buying foods that are easy to eat. So things like nut butter sandwiches, having ingredients for those. Or I make a giant thing of rice and beans all at once, so I can just heat up a bowl and add a protein and have a decent meal ready to go. You can do that with lots of things, though it is also time consuming. Depending on time/cost, you could also buy pre-made meals like frozen meals. I know that gets expensive, but if it's more about making sure you eat, just figuring out what in that respect works the best for you is the way to do it.

I know for me I have routines that involve eating something when I feed my dog, so that helps with accountability since my dog has to eat and I'm the one who feeds her.

I'm unsure if you struggle with anything else besides restriction, but I know for me it's a lot of just figuring out when/how you can eat things and what you can easily eat and less so worrying about if it's normal meals or at the "right" times or the "right" foods. I know everyone's different though so it could just be some trial and error for you.

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