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Originally Posted by washedoutdreamer View Post
I can't I'm going right before work and I don't think I'd want to have anyone there either.
I have to be honest here. Just to make it clear. In the recovery process there are pretty much NOTHING called DONT WANT. Its all HAVE TO.

You got to learn how to cross your limits even though it makes you feel bad.

Everything that makes you feel good
Or feels right or what you feel ready for, you can forget about.

You got to see the bigger picture and do what will be for your best in the end.
-Not here and now

Some of The best advice i have gotten from recovered girls and i find to be true is:
Dont wait for you to feel ready cause you wont be.
Dont wait for anybody to save you cause they cant.

Recovery is soo hard. For everyone! It is such a struggle. But so is the ed. And at least recovery gets you somewhere, worth being. A ed does not. Thats why you got to put up with all the crap recovery throws in your face.

Like I break down in tears too. I cry my heart out and hate it all. I allow myself to hate it all for some time. but once i am done crying i still do what i know in my heart i have to do. I put my eyes back on the ball. I remember what i am. Fighting for. Cause it will all, in the end give me a better life.

And so it will for you too.

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