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Originally Posted by washedoutdreamer View Post
I'm not exactly concerned and wanting help. I''m wishywashy at best. Mostly I just feel like I should tell someone not like I want to. I guess that makes it all the more difficult. Because I feel like I'm going to end up saying that I've dealt with ED in the past and I feel like I'm starting to relapse but I don't think it's a big deal and maybe don't even care if it is. And that's really where I'm at....which I know sounds terrible....but I'm just not there yet.
I really dont think many WANT to tell they got a ed.
I sure didnt. You just kind of have to do it anyway.
In the end its not about wanting or not wanting to admit the problem.
Its about wanting or not wanting the problem to become your intire "life"
And why is the relapse not a big deal, you think?
Would you say that to somebody else who suffered a relapse?
A ed mind never feels like its "there" and "ready"
never really thin enough,
never really sick enough for help,
never really ready for recovery.

It would be wonderfull if that was the case though. But its just not.

That wishy washy state of mind comes with a huge pricetag.
I know. I paid for my wishy washy.

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