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you're right. I may never feel like it's a real problem. I guess I'm going to try and mention it to my counselor Thursday....but it's just going to be really hard because I feel like I'm at a point that won't even be taken seriously. Like not a whole lot has happened yet. But I did pull out my old ed journal yesterday to start writing thoughts and things I need to get out that I can't with other people, so maybe I'll bring that. But I kinda wanna wait a few weeks....because in the first week just seems weird to mention it.
Please do not wait. I cant underline that enough. The sooner you get help the better. Great that you wrote some thoughts down:) thats good.
IF and only if you arent being taken seriously, they are wrong not to. It is still the right thing you are doing. Trust me on this one.
Your health and happiness is at great risk here and its right of you to be concerned and wanting help.
If you dont feel like they take you seriously seek help somewhere else.
Dont let it stop you. It would say more about them than about your problem.

I understand its really hard for you. Believe me, i do. you can be really proud of yourself for asking for help. Also that you are able to recognize the fact that your thoughts are unhealthy.
I didnt and i pay the price big time. So do everything you can to stop it as soon as possible. It will make the hard road back, shorter. Weightloss or not, the thoughts alone is so draining and hard to handle.
And you deserve better. :)

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