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Originally Posted by washedoutdreamer View Post
It's still only muted feelings but I think that with the pressure of a new job is probably the cause.
I guess I just have trouble taking myself seriously when it comes to this. I'm good at supporting other people in the same place but it's so much harder with myself. I just can never get myself to the point where I can admit or believe that I have a real problem. I wish there were some trick to convincing yourself. I could really use that right now.
Maybe it could help you, to feel better about seeking help if you said that you asked for advice in a eating disorder forum and they all adviced you to seek help? And that they told you that, thats how their illness started, So that makes you a bit scared..
And maybe Say that you feel like if you dont get help it could end up badly.
Try to be as honest as possible so you dont end up covering up your problem.
They really should take that very seriously.

Maybe write down some of the ed thoughts you have?
And take it with you..then you can just hand her the paper instead of having to say it yourself. Cause that can be very hard.

And remember ed's are mentall illness, its all in the head. It got nothing to do with a certain weight. I read that most people with ed's has a normal weight.

I know its a hard step to take, but please do it:)

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