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It sounds like its about to go downhill for you. Your ed is trying to trick you. Please be very aware of this. Its time to stop it before it gets worse. About your coworkers finding out....thats the last thing you should worry about right now. There is alot more at risk here than an awkward conversation!
Your health, your relationships, your joy, your job, anything worth having.
I cant say it clear enough, there will without a doubt be consequences if you continue in the direction you are headed. And they will be huge too.
You will end up feeling drained, tired, unhappy, and full of regret that you werent able to stop yourself before it got so bad. You will find yourself so lost, dragged so far away by your ed, from everything. It will seem so far away that you will doubt your strength to ever return home again. This is what your ed aint telling you. No cause it only tells the sweet lies, that are so tempting to believe.
-BUT DONT. You deserve so much more than that.

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