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I am currently:
new job and feeling the pull of ed

I just started a job.
Training actually began Monday.
I'm excited and loving it.
I'm also feeling the pull of ED.
I've been in sort of a dormant period with my ed for a few months now.
I never really went through recovery but my ed seemed to go on hiatus for four or five months.
But having put on some weight over the summer and with that voice back in my head...
I can see what direction I'm headed in.
I want to lose.
And I know with this job I can restrict without my family knowing.
And honestly when things are going well for a new ed seems stronger.
And I end up feeling there aren't any consequences for my actions.
The only thing I'm worried about is coworkers noticing...
Because I'd be mortified if a coworker or HR 'talked' with me.

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