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I am currently:

I move back in to my apartment for school in 24 days.
I'm so excited.
But I'm so scared.
Because I'm still struggling with denial.
And I feel like everyone's just going to expect me to come back to school problemless.
I feel like I'm going to be alone if I get through the denialm
Because I feel like I'm not going to have support.
Because my teammates and my friends and even with counseling....
I already have soooo many problems.
I feel like everyone is just getting annoyed with it.
Like they've had enough...
Or think I'm trying to be this problematic.
I feel like I'm not allowed to have any more problems....
Because I'll end up alone at school.
With no support.
So I don't even want to see any of it clearly anymore.
I don't even care about that.
I just don't want to end up alone.

Be Strong, Be Smart, Be Proud
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