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i hate going out to eat.

Yesterday I had to eat lunch at Olive Garden
And I ate soooo much.
I didn't even want to go but there was no way around it.
And I looked up their nutrition information online
But I was too scared to even see how much I ended up eating.
And I went to the gym after to try and fix it
Maybe feel a little better about it
But it didn't work.
I still feel disgusting.
And it's like today I don't even want to take my vitamins
Because there are calories in them.
But I still don't think I have a problem.
In my head I still think everything's grand
And that this is normal
Because everyone worries about their weight
And about food
And everything.
I don't know.
I just want to undo it.
I was such a pig.
It makes me feel gross.

Be Strong, Be Smart, Be Proud
Live Honorably and With Dignity
and Just Hold On....

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