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Cruse said they'd be able to see me sometime this month, it's now coming to the end of the month so I'm going to phone them on Friday to see if there are any updates. Ditto with the support worker, I'm waiting for an official diagnosis. My GP chased the diagnostic team up the last time I saw her, again she said that it would be Octoberish when I saw them. it's about time, I've waited 18 months.

I normally don't have a routine, maybe that's the problem. My partner always comes into my room before bed so she can have a smoke, but apart from that I don't really have a set routine apart from doing all my homework before I go to bed because I don't have time during the day. I drink decaf tea before I go to bed, have a bath and do my bag for the next day but apart from that I don't really do anything relaxing before bed.

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