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Have you ever done affirmations? Where you say positive things about yourself such as I am worthwhile, I deserve happiness, Etc? And another thing that goes along with affirmations helping you to truly believe it is to find the proofs of each affirmation. Something I have to do regularly because I am constantly browbeating myself and deciding I need punished because I haven't done enough. I know it's because of things that have happened in my past and I still keep up the mentality on my own. And one step closer advice about rewarding yourself if you achieve certain goals is definitely something that could help you feel better about yourself hopefully. My therapist tells me that even when I keep feeling things are certain way and I know that they're not true oh, then I just need to continue telling myself what is true what I know to be true and eventually my brain will allow me to feel that way too. Hope this helps.

I am still me no matter what SIZEor shape I am!

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