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I am currently:

i have a list to complete before i allow myself to think of SH

1. wait 10 mins. if i still want to SH, go onto step 2

2. surround myself with as many people as possible for 30 mins. this will stop me from SH as i am in public. i can go for a walk or sit with friends and family

3. draw on myself with a soft permanent marker. once this image has faded fully (normally takes a few days) then i am allowed to think about SH (but not do anything, just think)

4. if, after all these steps, i still want to SH, i contact a listener on a site called 7cups (who actually recommended me this site). they will help me ground myself and give me more options

i am currently a week, today, of not SH and i really want to make it at least a month. my record so far is a year.


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