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i thought bullies were supposed to go away...

When I was in elementary school,
I thought the bullies would go away in middle school.

In middle school,
The bullies transitioned from physical to emotional bullies, but I thought it had to end by high school.

In high school,
The bullies were only verbally abusive, but the pain was so much worse. But as soon as high school was over the bullies had to grow up right?

Now Iím an adult,
And the bullies are still there.. Iíve grown up, why havenít they? Why canít I finally have peace from tormentors even as an adult? Isnít that when the pain is supposed to be over. Shouldnít I be worrying about my career or family by now? Why am I still being affected by bullies?

I wish I could fly
And magically appear and disappear
I wish I could fly
I'd fly far away from here
Take a look at the invisible girl
Here she is clear as the day
Please look closely and find her before
She fades away
-Next to Normal

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