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Trans-Gender changing rooms?

Just heard about some Scottish minister who is thinking of introducing third changing rooms in public places, from schools to pools. Male, Female and now Transgender.
The idea isn't being put forward just yet, as they're looking to wrk out some of the finer details first.

Their thinking is equality and recognition of modern sexuality. Just because a person is biologically born male or female doesn't mean they should be forced into areas they probably aren't comfortable. They shouldn't be pigeon-holed and assigned based on their biology rather that what they feel is true.
This person thinks that trans-gender persons will behave in a changing room much the same as anyone else; they will change their clothes and mind their own business and won't be observing others around them for any kind of thrill or arousal.

Trans persons will be able to use facilities in comfort, knowing they are simply around other trans persons. No judgement, no discomfort.

I don't think I've explained it very well, it was a little more eloquent when I heard it on the news.

Personally I'm against such a thing simply because how would you ensure its only trans persons using the changing room? any pervert wanting a quick and easy look at someone getting changed could just wander in. A sign on the door isn't some magic shield that only lets the right people enter.

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