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What do you think I should do?

I am in dire need of some life coaching. I'm eighteen, I graduated high school a couple months ago, I'm not in college. I made the strange decision to move from my home town to Florida because I have some family that lives there. I'm staying with family right now except I can't seem to find a job. I am the most indecisive person on this planet, so I need your advice deciding what to do, maybe there are other things I could do that I haven't even thought of yet. I am jobless, friendless, sad, broke, not going to school, and my mom and siblings are all back home. I really want to travel to Europe, but I can't afford it right now.

1. Should I stay here in Florida and find a job? I've already been on over 4 interviews and have had no luck landing a job. I also miss my family and am sick of being here, but am worried if I go back, I'll never amount to anything because most people who don't get out are stuck there.

2. Should I just pick a major and go to college? I really am not interested in college right now because I'd rather not waste my money if I don't even know what degree I want, but it seems to be the thing most people do after graduation.

3. Should I go back home and save up for a trip to Europe? It seems the most appealing but what if I get there and still can't find a job? I would feel really really down if it's the same situation there.

If you think of anything, anything at all- Please give me some advice.

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