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That is a fantastic achievement, love <3

I can relate to *everything* feeling overwhelming and every single area of your everyday life needing to be improved.
My suggestion would be to prioritize what is most urgent and/or will have the biggest positive impact on your overall wellbeing. Alternatively, picking the smallest and least overwhelming issue might work better for you.
There is no use in trying to fix everything at once. Sometimes it is okay to let some problems and habits (temporarily) slide and not actively working on them in order to channel your energy more efficiently (I think my German is showing- we're all about efficiency) into working on what is actually doable at the moment.

With everything going on, keeping yourself and the little one alive is more than good enough when that is all that you can manage.

You're here and you're still trying.
You literally made a human.
You are keeping that human alive too.
You are brave and strong and winning.
Even those moments when it feels like you don't - you are winning.

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