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Hi, feeling like Iím too old to be here, but here we are.

Hello all,

Iím new to the forum. Iíve been self-harming since I was 16. Iím now 31. I feel like I might be too old to be on this forum...? Recently, my self-harming has felt really out of control. I made the decision that I want to stop, but since then Iím cutting almost daily whereas before it was just an occasional thing - maybe a couple of times a month. Iím studying for a PhD and I think the pressure and stress of never feeling good enough and worrying about failing has me punishing myself, and itís just gotten totally out of control. Iím on a waiting list for CBT with health in mind, but Iíve been waiting for 13 months now so Iím not optimistic of getting help any time soon. Iím already on antidepressants. I feel like thereís no professional help available and itís all down to me to turn my life around - but Iím failing miserably. I donít know where else to turn or what else to try. I donít want to be doing this to myself anymore. After spending half of my life hurting myself, Iím tired of it 😓 I would welcome any advice.

T x

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