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Thanks Katie.

The neighbour that mentioned her weeds has MH problems herself. She's of the age where she calls it problems with her nerves. So she might understand a little but she stays in her house most of the time and will see me going out and doing stuff so will think I'm not properly unwell.

My neighbours next to me know about my MH problems too as they've seen me in and out of hospital and helped sort out my cats when I've had emergency admissions. When I was out weeding with my support worker this neighbour said that the next time her husband was going to do my weeding she'd knock on my door and I could come out and help him. She said this because I said I was only out doing the weeding because my support worker was with me. I wouldn't feel comfortable doing the weeding with her husband but how do I say I'm anxious around the neighbours? They do so much for me and aren't exactly scary people.

It's mostly older people around me and I don't think they understand much about MH issues. I know the people across the road from me just think I'm a lazy waste of space.

But also, as much as I know MH problems are considered a disability, I look at myself and think that I don't deserve to be allowed to use that as an 'excuse.' That I am just an awful human being.

I put it down on paper and then the ghost does not ache so much.

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