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Originally Posted by Pi.R^2 View Post
Never mind the pro-anorexia websites petition, let's make a petition to make it an infraction points-worthy offence to not have a MOAR LESBIANS option on polls.
I concur.

Originally Posted by The One Who View Post
It's the Internet. It'll simply push it further underground. As soon as a site gets banned another will be there to take its place.
Basically. Also I mean, lots of websites that aren't designed for it host 'pro' material, like tumblr.

Like how could that ban even be implemented, you don't have to be anything close to a computer whiz to set up a VPN or just download Tor browser. It's not hard to find ways to access things you aren't supposed to on the internet. I mean they changed the law on what was classed extreme/illegal porn like a year or so ago and I think like a handful of people have been prosecuted. Censoring the internet is nigh impossible. The only people I worry about with pro-ana sites is young people, but by that same token, I have young family members and have seen how they literally see this **** on Instagram etc to a degree, it's pretty inescapable. My sister is 12, she showed me her friend's Instagram, the girl scribbles over her nose in all her selfies, lots of her friends do similar things, it's possible some do it because it's the in thing to do, but literally how potentially toxic.

Worra ramble, anyway, banning is a pointless waste of time for all involved, spend it raising awareness or something? Idk I'm a right cynical alpha romeo sierra alpha.

Edit: Apparently I'm a cynical arsa. *Echo

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