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Counseling confusion

So about a week ago, I saw a counselor from my school. Pretty much the first thing we did was she gave me a quiz to take on issues revolving around depression, because I was showing signs of it, apparently. She did say it wasn't an official diagnosis, though. Fast forward to today's meeting, and she told me that my results of it were in the lower end of "severely depressed" and told me to consider antidepressants between now and Monday. She also told me to keep a log of any negative feelings related to this.

I told Mom about it all, and she asked me a ton of questions regarding all of this, and I'm new to it all. So, I really don't know what to do. These questions were pretty much along the lines of "how do you expect to get said antidepressants", and when I answered "a psychiatrist", she asked me where I expect to get one. I understand some of why she's pushing back a little bit with this, because I do have a bad liver, and we don't know if said antidepressants are going to stop the liver in its tracks or something. But at the same time, I've kinda dealt with a lingering problem for too long, and with the way things are and likely will go, I can't just let it sit for any longer. And then Dad chimed in, and said to get another counselor's opinion. He was referring to someone from our church that I've never known, and they don't know I'm LGBT. Which means I have no idea if this person is LGBT-friendly or not (because I know for a fact there are anti-LGBT counselors out there).

So, from anybody with any knowledge or advice on this, is there a certain way to do this? Should I even be doing it in the first place? Should I take the chances and see the other person as well? I'm honestly confused at the moment.

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