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drinking too much again?

I'm not sure that I could classify myself as an alcoholic but I USED to drink a 6 pack a night, I'm 22 now and that was 3 and a half years ago. I stopped drinking as much because a close friend of mine came to me concerned about me and telling me that I need to cut down or we wouldn't be able to hang out as much and that made me upset. That seemed to be enough to make me cut back. Now 3 and a half years later I feel like I'm getting close to what I was. I've been drinking drink if 3 or 4 a night maybe 3 nights a week for the past few weeks. I know that's not extreme but do you think that makes me an alcoholic or do I have a problem? I hate to say it but drinking does make me feel better from depression or something happeni ing thats upsetting. I would never say that out loud to anyone :/ idk I don't know what to think about it. Is it bad yo drink 3 beers 3 nights in a row? I don't know based on what I used to do :(

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