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First of, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Do you know what makes you want to buy so much food? It sounds like it is coping mechanisms for something else.

What is your process for ordering food? I wonder if there are ways to tweak that to remove some of the food that doesn't get eaten. For example if you made a list of the foods you had to throw away would you be able to not order them the following week? Do you plan your meals at all? It might help you come up with a more precise shopping list.

From a practical perspective, there are apps that allow you to share foods that you aren't going to eat and in some places fridges /cupboards where you can donate foods you won't use.

Recognising a problem and reaching out is a huge first step be proud of yourself for doing so. There are lots of potential next steps, some will work better than others but this can be changed.

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