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The importance of not using RYL to diagnose/as a substitute.

This information sticky is intended to be used for informational purposes only and is not suitable for diagnostic purposes. Here at RYL, we cannot diagnose you with a mental illness, as we are not professionals and we therefore cannot draw any accurate conclusions from the symptoms you may suffer with. Many symptoms can be interlinked, and this means that any diagnostic process could be complex and may involve more than one health care professional. We have written these sections to discuss aspects of mental health and the varying conditons to help those who have already been diagnosed, or those wishing to discuss this further with doctor or GP who, if neccesary, can accurately diagnose you. Recognising the symtoms of some disorders may be helpful when visiting the doctors in aiding them to see how your symptoms affect you. Our articles, personal experiences and understandings can help support you in understanding where difficulties exist in your personal life, and guide you in seeking appropriate, consistent diagnosis and therapy from trained professionals to enable you to make deep and lasting changes in your personal life.

Online peer support cannot be, nor is intended as, a substitute for face to face support by trained professionals. cannot be held responsible for any inaccurate information and reserves the right to withdraw this information without notice.

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