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How to stop your old self preservation techniques?

What I mean is that when I was young and had to go through loads of emotional abuse and neglect and later on when I witnessed a lot of physical between my father and his girlfriend, I learned to build walls around me so I wouldn't feel. (if that makes sense?)

Now in therapy I really have to try and start talking about it again ... problem is I'm way too scared that when I'll finally start feeling something aroung this again I'll break down completly.
I can talk it perfectly without feeling anything, like I'm reading a story ... but how do you start and feel stuff again? In a safe, non-overwhelming way...

I've been trying for 5 years now and only happend a few times IP after which I broke down and fell back on blocking the feelings ...

I read somewhere... how important it is in life
not necessarily to be strong...
but to feel strong.

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