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In response to the reply above, EDNOS isn't a diagnosis anymore, the new term used would be OSFED. Nor can we diagnose you, so unsure that's super relevant.

That said, I've been on T for almost a year now, and out of ED specific treatment for that long as well. Starting T helped a LOT and gave me a lot of motivation to try to work on eating, because if you aren't eating properly, your body won't absorb T correctly.

There's definitely a link between gender dysphoria and eating disorders (multiple professionals told me it was a thing, and I've met other trans people in treatment too), and you are absolutely not the first person I've heard of who eats certain things to trigger intolerances/blood sugar changes, etc.

Does your medical provider for T know about your eating habits and that things are a bit wonky? Please make sure they do, so they know to check up on it and see if there is any other support they can offer.

Also keep in mind, there are some of the bigger body changes on T that WILL take time, while other things happen more quickly. But I will say that immediately for me, the dysphoria decreased significantly right away, which made eating SO much easier to deal with. I know everyone is different, but I hope you can use this as motivation, and I hope you find it helpful. Eating more regularly sounds like a really great starting point and goal. Best of luck!

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