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I just want some advice, someone to talk to? I don't know what I want/need.

I've been diagnosed with depression I've been on anti depressants since October last year which isn't very long really. I've been self harming, my legs are covered in scars. I want to kill myself but I just can't bring myself to do it. I can't cope. I can't get out of bed in the morning I can't even be bothered to get in the shower. I just want to fall asleep and never wake up. When I do venture out I just end up taking cocaine and drinking in excess. I know I need more help but the doctors don't understand. They don't listen they just change my tablets every so often. I need more support than that. I've been to counselling which was a waste of time. I just don't see an end to this misery. I'm sick to death of it.

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