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The Chat Moderators.

The chat moderators are a team of members who work to keep RYL's chatrooms safe and supportive. This means real-time moderating in chat to ensure that the rules are maintained, dealing with rule-breaking behaviour in the form of infractions from saved chat logs and responding to members queries or complaints about the chat rooms.

Because the chat team cannot be present in all rooms and at all times, we rely on members informing us when there is a problem and no one is around. The single most important thing when reporting an issue is to save the chat logs of any incident. This can be done by clicking the "Save conversation" button which is located on the left hand side of the toolbar.

You can also e-mail the chat moderators at,speak to us in chat via whispers or contact us directly via PM from the list of chat moderators in the staff listings. You will see the chat moderators have a Purple username to help you find them easier.[/color]

The head of the chat moderating team is:griddlebone

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