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I need a pig here!
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I promised my best friend and my boyfriend that I'd stop, and they're both bigger than me ! I don't want to let them down, 'cos they've both been amazing.

I agree with distracting yourself however you like, chat to a mate, paint, dance, watch your favourite comedy show/film, use the net, play an instrument, sing, walk, run, kickbox, write, bake, read.... Well anything that will get your mind off the impulse.
Counting days keeps my focus, and as many have said, puts me off doing it as I know how far I've come, and I don't want to give that up.

But here's one for those in a couple, when you're wound up and you're about to reach that point, give your partner a really good, hard, passionate kiss. Trust me. It works every time.

Play the game out
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